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To improve rankings in the SERPs, your site needs a solid link building strategy. This is all about getting links from other websites! At least, there are more than 20 types of high-quality backlinks. Most of it, you can get for free!

Examples of quality backlinks that you will soon learn about, contribute greatly to flowing high-value link juice to meet the main factors of your SEO strategy.

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A number of studies from the world's SEO Expert sites, also confirm that, there is a correlation between the number of links and the website's ranking in the SERP. Like one study conducted by the backlinko site.

This study states that, they have analyzed 11.8 million search results on Google, the results found many interesting facts. And one of the important points is;

Web pages that have a lot of links get higher rankings than web pages that have only a few links. In fact, website pages ranked #1 on Google have 3.8x more backlinks than those ranked #2 to #10.

Search Engine Ranking by Backlinko

From what is described, you certainly know more and more about how important links are for a website to rank better in the SERPs.

Therefore, learning about link building techniques and getting "juice" from high-quality backlinks is usually mandatory for an SEO practitioner or webmaster.

In this article, I will share a little review about one of the basic things in SEO Link building, namely the types of links that you should get for your website. But what are some examples of these quality backlinks?

Check out the full review below

Types of Quality Backlinks in SEO Perspective

There are many sources of backlinks out there! Both free and paid. However, not all of them are worth fighting for! Because it will take time, energy and maybe money. You need to be selective to sort out the types of quality backlinks that are good for SEO. And focus there.

Some of them are as follows:

  • .Edu Link

One type of quality backlink that you should get is Edu Link. This Edu Link itself is basically an outbound link to one from the website of an educational institution such as a school, university or type of official educational institution.

This type of link can be said to be one of the high-quality link types in the eyes of Google. To get this link, you can submit a guest post request to the website manager of the educational institution you are targeting with certain offers.

You can also consider making certain offers to students who have access to guest posting on related education websites. In this case, the offer can be in the form of a discount or promo from your product or others.

An important note for this section, make sure the educational website you are targeting has a niche relevant to your website. As an example:

For example, you have a website about graphic design, so consider getting a link from a graphic design school or training.

  • .Gov Link

Gov Link is also another type of quality backlink. If possible, this is what you should get. This link itself is a link that comes from the official government website. 

While these links can be difficult to obtain, there are a number of strategies that can open your website's chances of getting these quality links. Some of them such as:

  • Writing articles about government members
  • Conducting interviews with government members

When you have produced content related to the member of the government, you can inform the manager of the government website you are targeting. 

If they link your content link on their website or content, then you will get a link from that government website.

  • .Org Link

Compared to Edu and Gov Link, Org Link can be said to be a type of high quality link that is easier to get. Org Links are links that come from non-profit websites or humanitarian organizations.

To get links from this type of website, an SEO Link building strategy that you can apply is to participate as a sponsor or volunteer in programs organized by the website.

When the website releases article content related to the program you sponsor. Then you will most likely get a link to your website. In this case, there may be a budget that you have to spend, but it is quite worth it for the quality of the links you get.

In this case, of course, the type of event you sponsor should be related to the niche of your website.

For example, your website is a website that discusses online games. You can sponsor gaming-related programs, such as online gaming competitions for fundraising.

  • Editorial Link

Editorial link is a type of link that occurs naturally when a high-authority website links your web page to the content they produce. 

These types of links generally cannot be purchased to obtain them. You must present high-quality content on your website that can convince other webmasters to use it as a reference.

In this case, content that provides data and research is the most effectively used as an asset to bring this Link editorial.

Launching information from the loganix page , it is also mentioned that this editorial link can also be in the form of guest blogging conducted on a number of high-authority sites. As an example:

For example, you have website A that discusses SEO and you write an article as a columnist on website B. If website B approves your article and publishes information from you as a columnist, then technically this link can also be called an editorial link.

  • Press Link

Still discussing the types of quality backlinks that are recommended to be built in the SEO Link building process.

Press Links are another example of quality backlinks which is recommended for you to get.

In simple language, it can be explained that this Press Link is a link that comes from mass media websites such as TV, newspapers, radio, magazines and others. 

To build this type of link, one of the best things you can do is to create a resource or asset that can be cited by mass media websites.

For this part, many overseas SEO practitioners use the HARO (Help A Reporter Out) website to build press links to their websites.

Example email from Haro
Example email from Haro

The HARO website itself is a website that connects reporters who are looking for expert opinion (expertise) to be quoted in the content they will create. You can register on this website and then answer questions relevant to your website niche .

If the reporter who published the question is satisfied with your explanation or answer and cites your answer in their article, there is a high chance that they will include your website link in their content.

Another option that can also be used to get this press link is to establish a contract or certain partnership with the targeted mass media.

In the contract, you can make certain offers so that the mass media mention your brand or website name in their content, whether it's in videos, articles, events and others).

  • Links from Your Business Complementary Website

Relevance is one of the parameters used by Google to assess the quality of a link. The relevance here does not necessarily mean that the website has a niche similar to your website, but also niche complementary or supporting niche of your website. As an example:

For example, if you have a website that focuses on discussing SEO, then a website with a complementary niche here is a website that discusses things that are indirectly related to SEO, such as blogging, content marketing, digital marketing and others.

Links from complementary websites here are links from websites whose niche does not directly compete with your website.

  • Links from Competitor Websites

If you can get links from your competitors' websites, that's a very good thing. In addition to providing quality links to your website, this will also reduce the chances of your competitors' websites to rank higher than your website in the SERPs.

For the potential to get links from your competitors' websites, once again content marketing is the most important key in this case. You must be able to provide high-quality content with in-depth discussions that make competitor websites even have no other choice but to use as a reference.

Some of you may find this very difficult to do. However, quite a number of websites have managed to get quality links from their competitors' websites through the quality content they provide. 

One example is the SEOMoz website which managed to get a link from the Neilpatel website, which is basically a competitor.

  • Niche Forum Profile Link

Forums are one of the websites where you can do SEO Link building and build links to your website. 

Technically, links from Forums do fall into the Nofollow category. However, in connection with changes in the way Google handles Nofollow links or known as Nofollow 2.0 Changes, this type of link can also have a positive impact on website rankings in Google's SERP.

All you need to do is find forums that are relevant to your website's niche and then actively engage in them. Try to build communication with forum members by actively answering questions or discussions in the forum.

If if, you have an article page on your website that can answer questions in the forum where you join, then you can suggest your article page.

Not only will you get nofollow links from the forum, your website also has the potential to get links from websites managed by forum members whose questions you answered. 

The potential of this forum is what makes many SEO practitioners always make SEO link building in forums one of the strategies they implement.

  • Social Media Profile Link

If you haven't added your website link to your social media profiles, then you should do so now. Because this can not only provide a link to your website (nofollow), but can also be a source of traffic for your website pages.

For those of you who haven't even created a social media account for your website , here is a list of social media that you should have as a source of links to your website.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Flickr
  • Quora
  • Goodreads
  • Reddit
  • Periscope
  • Social Media Post Link

Apart from adding your website links to your social media profiles, you also get links by posting links to your website content on your social media, for example on Twitter and Facebook.

By doing this, apart from getting nofollow links to your website, you can also get some traffic from your social media pages. To better manage your social media, you might consider using a number of online tools like Buffer or Hootsuite.

Both tools have features that allow you to schedule posts on your social media.

  • Links from Reddit

Reddit is actually also one of the websites that can be targeted for SEO Link Building. Currently alone, there are still many SEO practitioners who build links through social media websites that were released in 2005.

This social media allows you to share posts and be seen by other users, including links. You can share links to your content pages on this website to get traffic to visit your website.

But in this case, I suggest that you be more careful when releasing posts on the website. Because reddit users are quite unfriendly with posts that are only promotional and have no value.

Therefore, if you decide to build links on these social media sites, make sure the link pages you share are really useful for reddit users.

If you manage a website that targets overseas visitors, Reddit can be a potential place where you can get traffic.

  • Links from Linkedin Company Directories

Some of you who have not studied SEO link building too deeply, may not know that LinkedIn social media has an online directories. You can use this online directory as a place to build links to your website.

In addition, this online directory also has the potential to bring in a number of traffic visits to your website. To build links in the Linkedin Company Directory, you only need to create an account on Linkedin and then register your website or business.

  • Industry Directories

Registering a website or business in an online directory can be said to be one of the most basic and easy things to do in SEO Link Building. But this does not mean you have to register your website to all online directories. 

In this case, you must find an online directory that is relevant to your website or business niche . And more importantly, make sure that the online directory where you will register your website has a good reputation in the eyes of Google.

An important fact that you need to know regarding this online directory , Google has unindexed thousands of online directories from the SERPs , because they do not provide value to internet users.

This fact confirms that if your website or business is listed in a reputable online directory, then it is certain that it will have a bad impact on your website's SEO.

To find the right online directory according to your website's niche, you can find it in one of's posts

  • Links from Local Directories

If you have a business website, registering your website in local directories is one thing that is highly recommended. By doing this, you have made it easier for your business audience to find your business. 

Speaking of local directories, there are many choices of local directories where you can build links to your website. Some of them are as follows:

  • Facebook Pages 
  • Instagram for Business 
  • Google My Business 
  • LinkedIn Company Directory
  • Apple Maps 
  • Yelp 
  • Bing
  • HubSpot's Solutions Directory 
  • Better Business Bureau 
  • MapQuest 
  • Foursquare 
  • Yahoo! Local 
  • etc

  • Links from WordPress or Blogger Templates

If you or your team have the skills to create wordpress or blogger templates, this can also be a link source asset for your website. In this case, you can add your website link in your template and upload it in the template directories. 

If there are internet users who download the template you created and install it on their website, then you will be able to get a link from that website.

However, launching from several pages, there are several SEO practitioners who claim that this SEO link building strategy is irrelevant and against Google's guidelines .

Therefore, you should look for other references on how to build links on this one.

  • Links from Ebook

Ebook is currently one of the sources of information that is widely used by internet users to learn a field, including webmasters. This fact makes ebooks one of the potential assets to bring relevant and quality links to your website.

In this case, you can consider creating an ebook on a topic relevant to your website's niche and then linking your website in it.

You can publish the ebook on your own website or share it on trusted ebook download sites on the internet. This link building strategy is quite often used by many large websites, including search engine journal websites .

  • Links from Local News

This link from Local News basically has the same concept as the press link that I explained earlier. However, the scope of this link building strategy is smaller, namely only in the local area.

To build this link, you can do it by submitting an offer of cooperation or partnership from the mass media where your business is based. As an example:

You can become a sponsor of a program or event organized by the local mass media that you are targeting. In this case, you can submit a request for the insertion of your website link in the article content about the event you sponsor. So when the content is released, you will get a link from the mass media website.

This strategy is very suitable to be used to increase the Local SEO value of your business website. But again, there are costs that you have to spend to implement this link building strategy.

  • Links from Guest Blogging

Until now, guest blogging is still one of the SEO link building strategies used by SEO practitioners to build links to their websites.

I personally think, the most effective type of quality backlink is the type of guest blogging activity.

Guest blogging itself is the activity of writing on other people's platforms or websites with the aim of building links to a website. 

In this case, you can insert a link to your article page or website into the guest blogging article content that you create.

But in this case, the quality of the links you get from guest blogging itself is largely determined by how relevant the website you are writing on is and also the authority (Authority) of the website.

Therefore, when you do SEO link building through guest blogging, make sure the website where you write has high authority and is relevant to your website niche .

In addition, make sure the guest blogging articles you create are intended to provide information to the website's audience, not promote your products or services. Also avoid excessive anchor text optimization when creating articles.

  • Google My Business Link

For those of you who have a business website, but have not registered your business website on the Google My Business platform. Then it's the same as throwing away your opportunity to reach more of your business audience and also get a link to your website for free.

The Google My Business platform allows users to create a free business profile page that displays information on your website or business. 

You can also include your website link on your Google My Business profile page.

  • Links from Brand Name Mention

Have you ever heard the term unlinked mention?

This term refers to the mention of the brand name in a content but without providing a link to the website of the previously mentioned brand. 

Many SEO practitioners sometimes forget the existence of this unlinked mention . In fact, unlinked mention is one way that can bring quality links to your website. For this part, the important task that needs to be done is to convert these unlinked mentions into linked mentions. 

To change an unlinked mention to a linked mention, you can do this by sending an email request to the webmaster of the website where the brand name is mentioned.

But before that, you have to find any website that mentions your brand name or website. For this part, you can use SEOMoz or Ahrefs online tools to help you.

Both of these online tools have features that allow you to track links to your website as well as unlinked mentions.

  • Links from Colleagues Website

The last type of quality link that you should consider building is a link from a colleague's website. The colleague website referred to here is your acquaintance, whether it's family, friends or even business partners.

If you have acquaintances who have websites that are relevant to your website niche , it would be an excellent link opportunity if you asked them to link to your website (providing a link).

For this part, you can also offer that you will also provide a bali link to their website. This scheme can almost be said to be like a link exchange.


From the reviews that I summarized above, in particular, about several types of quality backlinks in an SEO strategy, which you should get for your website. Here are some important highlights that you need to note.

Benefits of SEO Link Building 

  • Optimizing website page rank in Google SERP.
  • Bringing traffic to the website.
  • Increase branding and trust in the website.

Types of Quality Links in SEO Link Building

  • .Edu Link
  • .Gov Link
  • .Org Link
  • Editorial Link
  • Press Link
  • Links from Your Business Complementary Website
  • Links from Competitor Websites
  • Niche Forum Profile Link
  • Social Media Profile Link
  • Social Media Post Link
  • Links from Reddit
  • Links from Linkedin Company Directories
  • Links from Industry Directories
  • Links from Local Directories
  • Links from WordPress Templates
  • Links from Ebook
  • Links from Local News
  • Links from Guest Blogging
  • Manual Outreach Link
  • Google My Business Link
  • Links from Brand Name Mention
  • Links From Colleagues

Necessary Tools

  • Google My Business
  • Reddit
  • Social Media
  • Local Business Directory
  • Industry Directories
  • Business Listing 
  • Forum 
  • ebook
  • SEOMoz
  • Ahrefs
  • Canva
  • Q&A site
  • Youtube

That's a little review from me about the types of links that should be built for your website. However, if you do not have the time to do so, you can choose an alternative using our service. Jisler Backlink is a solid link building strategy.

And in fact, it has proven to be able to rank well for this site on its own.

Hopefully this review can be useful for increasing your website page ranking in the SERP. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog so you can follow other updated information about Blogging and SEO Link Building. 

Harby Jay | Author

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