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There hasn't been more need for people to work from home in recent days than the unfolding events of the last 18 months. The Covid -19 pandemic has significantly changed our world from what we knew as "normal". At the height of the global pandemic, the world as we knew it was brought to a still and our lives changed forever.

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Working from home became (and still is) a norm, and most businesses had to abandon the physical office walk-ins to setting up FaceTime online. Telecommuting has become more mainstream in recent years as the remote workforce grew 159% between 2005 and 2017. In fact, it is safe to say working from home is now one of the primary steps to starting a profitable business in Nigeria, as stated by experts.ng Working from home or doing a home-based business doesn't have to be that hard, at least not with the right tools and tech. In Nigeria, since most office workers may not have experienced telecommuting, adjusting to the new normal might require some help. Hence the need to bring up an article as such. 

So, let's dive into those essential things you need to set up a home office in Nigeria.

Home Office Equipment for A comfortable Activities

1. Office Chair

Having a very comfortable office/ergonomic chair is very important when working from home in Nigeria. It is one of the most important things you should consider when setting your home office, as stated by insight.ng. And perhaps you can't, try to buy the office chair in person. Ensure you go for the adjustable ones. Sometimes you spend about 12 hours sitting (depending on long you spend on the work), which is a lot of time. Hence the need for you to have the right chair so you can work comfortably. Fully focused and also be able to minimize stress and maintain your posture.

2. Computer Desk

The computer can provide massive space for your home office activities. The reality is that your desk is your main command centre. Whatever type of work you do, as long as you're working from home. Depending on your budget and capabilities, you can either get a small or large office desk. 

Some people think their lap is enough to serve them. This is not ideal for having a productive day in your home office and can cause some health issues such as a bad back, sore neck, and others that might only worsen. 

3. Monitor or Laptop

An ideal investment would be a good desktop computer, wireless mouse and Bluetooth keyboard for your workspace. However, depending on your type of work and your budget. If you are into online business, then investing a good computer shouldn’t be a big deal for you. Also, if you're living in Lagos, there are hundreds of affordable systems that can work for any single or dual monitor setup at a reasonable price in COMPUTER VILLAGE Ikeja. Also, you could get AirPods or noise-cancelling headphones for conference calls or listen to a streaming service.

4. Hard drive

There is a need to have a backup strategy for your work files. Using online cloud storage might cost you some fortune. However, with an external hard drive, you can easily collect your files together and even use them on other people's laptops without needing the internet. External hard drives are smaller, lighter and portable. Many computer users fail to back up their data. This can be a problem, particularly when important files are involved. With external hard drives, they are handy, and they have extra space.

5. Printer

Though you can keep all your documents in pdf and Microsoft word on your computer, some works require you to keep a hard copy of the document, either for vetting or for you to scan and mail them. An ideal home printer should be a jack of all trades, print, scan and copy. You can get a Deskjet 2548 - 3 in 1 printer from any online store of your choice.

6. Tray Cabinet

Rather than purchasing a bulky file cabinet, you could get a tray to keep your loose notes and papers. More so, having these makes your workspace looks tidy and easy for you to keep notes and paper all in a place you easily find them while working.

7. Small Desk Lamp

This can also be very handy when working from home. With the unstable power supply, getting a rechargeable led lamp can be a lifesaver. A good rechargeable desk lamp can be very important when working from home in Nigeria.


With the seven-home office equipment listed above, I am sure you can successfully set up your home office and be even more productive while you work from home with these few essentials.

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