Complete! 21 Digital Marketing Terms You Must Know

For marketers and online businesses from small to large scale, it is very important to implement marketing activities through digital marketing to captivate the hearts of the target market. By using digital marketing, marketing activities become easier, cost-effective, and interactions between brands and the target market are easier to reach and measurable.

When you are new to the world of digital marketing, which has a very wide scope, don't be surprised if there are terms that sound foreign, and you don't understand them at all.

To understand more, let's get acquainted with digital marketing terms that you must know!

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1. Affiliate Marketing

Commission payment system to one party who has successfully offered goods or services sold by a company. For example, you use skincare A and it suits your skin, then you recommend and offer it to your friends. If your friend is finally interested in buying, you can get a commission from the skincare company. 

2. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is different from you playing social media in general. Because the goal is for marketing, social media marketing involves the process of getting the audience interested ( engaged ) with the content created on social media. 

In creating interesting content, it must also match the profile and what the target audience likes!

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For bloggers, content writers, and even online businesses , SEO is an important component, you know! You see, their target is how the writing or product they promote based on the website can penetrate to page one on the search page by entering some keywords that are often searched for by internet users.

Because it is organic and does not cost anything, the drawback of search engine optimization requires a minimum of 3 months for your writing or business product to appear on the leading search page.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The concept is still the same as SEO, but has a difference. Because the goal of marketing ( marketing ), website optimized with ads that appear on the first page of search engines. The strategy is also different from SEO, and requires a fee so that the advertised website can appear quickly in search engines. 

5. Email Marketing

Do you like getting hundreds of notifications from the marketplace, online motorcycle taxis, or your favorite products via e-mail? Well, they use e-mail marketing as a promotional approach to consumers.

In the process, there is an e-mail bounce where the marketing e-mail fails to be delivered due to various factors, such as an invalid e-mail, the recipient's inbox ( inbox ) is full, the e-mail file size is too large, and the server to send the e-mail. mail is down. 

You can also know the percentage of e-mail recipients who have opened promotional messages from the number of consumers who entered the database through the open rate process .

6. Campaign

Campaign is an activity to promote brand products within a certain period of time.

7. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of campaign commonly used by brands on social media to achieve certain communication objectives, such as brand awareness, brand conversion, or brand loyalty. 

According to Partipost, which is one of the largest influencer marketing platforms in Indonesia, influencer marketing can be divided into several categories, such as mega influencers (more than 1 million followers), macro influencers (100 thousand - 1 million followers) , micro influencers (100 thousand - 10 million followers) . thousand followers), and nano influencers (under 10 thousand followers).

8. Retargeting

Have you ever browsed on a website to find out the shoes you want to buy. After that, you browse other things on various websites, and the ads on the first website keep showing up.

Well, this is what is called retargeting. This strategy aims to make the audience come back to visit the website again. It could be just to look around again, even to buy the advertised product.

9. Online Presence

Information about your business is available and can be searched through online search engines, marked by the presence of your business website. 

10. Call to Action (CTA)

A short message to invite the audience to take certain actions related to your business, with sentences like this:

  • Sign up now!
  • Come on, subscribe now!
  • Click the link to find out more!

11. Conversion

Conversion refers to the percentage of the audience that carries out your digital marketing activities, the results of which are a measure of the success of the digital marketing campaign that has been running. For example, the percentage of website visitors / advertisements, purchases of your business products.

12. Landing Pages

When viewing Instagram or Facebook Ads, you simply click on the link listed and immediately see the website page by displaying a variety of products.

So, a landing page directs you to a brand's website to see specific information about the product or service they offer.

13. Cost Per Action (CPA)

The commission that the publisher will get when internet users visit a website and click on it. For example, reading the information on the landing page, registering, to buying products marketed on the website .

14. Cost Per Impression (CPI)

The rate that advertisers agree on when the ad appears and is seen by internet users. Usually rates apply in the form of hundreds or thousands of ad views.

15. Click Through Rate (CTR)

How many clicks on links to your website from other pages, for example advertising, e-mail marketing.

16. Bounce Rate

When you access a blog, you only read one piece of information on one page. You don't click on other menus. That's the term bounce rate on the website. 

17. Engagement Rate

The percentage of how many interactions you get through each post on social media or blogs. Interaction built through comments, likes, and shares. 

The higher the engagement rate, the higher you can be trusted by consumers and brands who are interested in collaborating. 

18. Lookalike Audience

Before placing ads on social media (Instagram/FB Ads), don't miss this one important thing: identify your target audience. 

In identifying, there is a process to find lookalike audiences that match their demographics and interests. To find this information, you can monitor it through the insight feature on every social media so that your ad is not boring and right on target!

The target audience that is studied more deeply by the research and development team who are considered potential customers is called the buyer persona. 

19. Pay Per Click (PPC)

When you slide into a blog , you notice the various advertisements posted. It doesn't take long, you just click on an ad that takes you to another website . From there the phenomenon of pay per click (PPC) occurs, and advertised websites earn money through clicks made by visitors ( visitors ).

20. Consumer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Commonly referred to as customer acquisition costs are the total costs that prospective customers will incur within a certain time when running a digital marketing campaign . 

This consumer acquisition cost is very important! For investors, the CAC value becomes a benchmark for assessing the calculation of costs incurred by companies/businesses to bring in customers. As for businessmen/companies, CAC is a measure of the performance of the marketing division. The more a company can reduce its spending on acquiring customers, the greater the profit.

21. Adwords

A term for Google Adwords, a platform for managing online advertisements to be installed, ranging from the target audience, language, to ad placement.


There are many digital marketing terms that you must know, so you don't have to worry anymore when you start to dive into the world of digital marketing to maximize your business on the internet, either through social media, e-mail marketing, and websites. To be more familiar with these terms, don't forget to improve your digital marketing skills with practice, OK!

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