5 Best SEO Reporting Tools For Professional SEO Agencies

If you work in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or run a website optimization service business, like us, seo reporting tools are one of the must-have tools or equipment.

This SEO Reporting tool can make it easier for you to report the progress of the website optimization you are working on to your clients. Through these SEO tools, you will be able to report the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the website you are optimizing to your clients more easily than doing cross-referencing manually.

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Currently, there are more and more SEO Reporting Tool options that you can choose from. But the question:

Which SEO Reporting Tools Are Best?

To answer the question. In this article, I will give a few recommendations for some of the best SEO Reporting Tools that can be an option to support your SEO work or business. 

Curious about what the SEO Reporting tool is?, Immediately, see the full review below.

Parameters for Choosing SEO Reporting Tools 

Best SEO Reporting Tools

As I mentioned earlier that there are a lot of SEO Reporting Tool options available today. To choose the best SEO and marketing reporting tools, there are several parameters that you can use. The parameters I mean are as follows:

Accurate and Up-to-Date Regional Data

SEO Reporting is always related to data. That's why SEO Agencies really need software or applications that can present regional data from the area targeted by the client's website correctly and accurately. As an analogy to how important regional data is:

For example, the website you are optimizing serves English-language content regarding backlink services in Lagos, so in this case, Nigeria (Lagos to be precise) is a potential target area. 

Your content will be less useful if it appears in internet searches for the Americas or other countries outside Nigeria.

This is what I meant earlier about the importance of having accurate and precise regional data. By having SEO software that can provide the right regional data, you can make your client's website rank for the right query or keyword.

Integration With Other SEO Tools (Third-Party Tools)

Most of today's SEO tools are designed to be able to integrate with other SEO tools such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, Majestic SEO and others. This can be said to be very essential.

The more SEO Tools that are integrated with an SEO Reporting Tool, then this indicates that the SEO Reporting Tool is fairly sophisticated and good for monitoring the performance of a website.


Scalability is also included in the parameters that can be used to select the SEO Reporting Tool. A good SEO Reporting Tool must be able to work well in managing website data from 1 client or many clients.

Key Feature Set

A good SEO software or tool is one that is supported by a number of powerful SEO features such as:

  • Position tracking
  • Competitor data
  • Analytic
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Reporting Features
  • Email marketing
  • Call Tracking 
  • Ads

The existence of strong SEO features above will make the resulting data more complete. This is a good thing for reporting to your clients later.

Feature Updates

The SEO trend to this day continues to develop. This is the basis why choosing an SEO Reporting Tool that always updates its features is an important thing.

Features that are always updated will make the process of monitoring and reporting the progress of optimizing a website easier.

Features To Customize Report

Another parameter that you can use to find the best SEO reporting tool for SEO services or agencies is related to the availability of features to customize reports.

The customize report feature will make it easier for you to present more specific data to each client who uses the services of your SEO agency. 

What you need to remember is that each client has different priorities regarding the information they want to know about their website optimization progress. For example, there are clients who want to get information about what keywords their website has won.

As a professional SEO agency, you should be able to present this information in detail to your clients.

Features For White Labeling

White labeling is a service feature that allows you to add a business branding element to the products you buy.

For example, when you create a website template or theme. In the footer section of the website template, you can add the name of your brand or website. For example like:

“Powered by (name of your SEO agency)”

Or “Designed by (your SEO agency name)”

This is one example of white labeling I mean. Back again to the context of SEO Monitoring tools or reporting tools, you are advised to consider choosing SEO Reporting tools that can white label their products such as online reports.

This will not only give a professional impression of your SEO agency, but also strengthen the branding of your SEO services or agency. But this is actually not very essential, you also have the choice not to consider it.

Access to Support Resources

Having access to support resources is very important for a tool or software. Support Resources will really help users when they encounter a number of obstacles or problems when using a tool or software.

Service to Support Resources itself can be in the form of information contained in a page (guide page), chat features, social media and others.

Features For Export Report

Currently, almost all professional SEO Reporting tools provide an export report feature in it. This feature is intended to make it easier for SEO agencies to download reports or data related to the optimization of a website, for example a list of competitor backlinks, keyword reports that have been shot, broken links and others.

Generally, most of these export report features allow you to download the data or reports in the form of CSV, PDF, XLS and others. 

Automatic System

A good SEO Reporting tool is an automated one. With automated features and services such as automated reports, it will be easier and save your time to monitor the performance of the website you are optimizing. 

This will also make it easier for you when reporting to clients whose website you are optimizing.

Ease of Use

All SEO tools must be designed so that they can be used easily by users, and this SEO Reporting Tool is no exception. Reporting Tool with an easy-to-use interface and features will make it easy for users to learn it.

This will also streamline the performance of users in monitoring the performance of websites that are optimized in the SERP.

Best SEO Reporting Tools Recommendations

Citing information from Brock Murray, one of the columnists on the search engine journal website, there are 5 best SEO Reporting tools for SEO agencies according to their version. The five tools are as follows:

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics

The first best SEO Reporting tool according to Brock Murray's version is Agency Analytics. Among the list of the best SEO Reporting tools by Brock Murray version, Agency Analytics is one of the SEO Reporting tools that is quite cheap and also easy to use. 

The subscription fee to use this one SEO tool itself is only around 49$ per month with unlimited login access. In short, there is no limit to the number of users of Agency Analytics. This tool can be said to be one of the most suitable choices for SEO agencies with various business scales, from small to large.

Agency Analytics itself offers 30+ third-party data integrations in it, starting from the most basic data such as keyword rankings and Google Search Console, email marketing software and many others.

In addition, Agency Analytic also has automated reports and customizable dashboards. So that you can use this SEO Tools you can use more easily.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is also included in one of Brock Murray's favorite SEO Reporting Tool. This one SEO tool itself is quite well known among SEO practitioners. 

One of the reasons that made it famous is because the subscription fee is quite cheap. Based on what Brock Murray explains , the subscription fee for this SEO Tools is from 7$ to &39 per month.

Although cheap, the performance of these SEO tools can be said to be very good. This SEO Reporting Tool has a number of supporting features that are very useful for monitoring the performance of a website in the SERP, ranging from position rankings, Competitor SEO Research, keyword suggestion tools, backlink explorer and many more. 



SEMrush, who doesn't know about this SEO Tools. This SEO Tools can be said to be one of the most widely used tools by SEO practitioners around the world.

Although it provides many powerful SEO features in it, SEMrush has its own weaknesses. 

The weakness is related to the cost of subscribing to this SEO tool. SEMrush subscription fees can be said to be quite expensive, starting from 995 per month for each user. Therefore, SEMRush is currently mostly used by large-scale SEO agencies.

Google Data Studio

The next SEO Reporting Tool that is included as a favorite by Brock Murray and also many other SEO practitioners is Google Data Studio. From the name, you certainly know that this SEO tool was developed by Google and was first released in 2015.

Compared to a number of previous SEO reporting tools, the use of Google Data Studio is indeed not very practical. To use this SEO tool, there are a number of technical adjustments that you need to make. This adjustment itself is quite time consuming.

But on the bright side, you can use Google Data Studio services for free. So this tool can be an option for those of you who have a limited budget.

A little talk about the advantages of this Google Data Studio. This Google Data Studio tool is integrated with a number of Google's superior products such as Analytics, Search Engine Console, Ads and Youtube.

Not only that, as with many other SEO Reporting Tools, Google Data Studio also offers third party data integration in it.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs

The last best SEO Reporting Tool on Brock Murray's list is Authority Labs. This SEO tool which was first released in 2009 can be said to be one of the best choices if you want to do position tracking.

Authority Labs can track regional ranking data, get insightful information, track competitor keywords and also create scheduled reports. But even so, this SEO tool has a weakness, namely the lack of several important features in it, such as backlink monitoring and data analytics.

To be able to use Authority Labs, you have to pay a subscription fee of $49 to $99 per month with a limited number of accesses.

Discussion Summary 

Here are some summaries of the reviews I described above earlier.

Benefits of SEO Reporting Tool

  • Make it easier for SEO agencies or services to report website optimization progress to clients.
  • Make it easier for SEO services to monitor website performance in search engine SERPs.

Parameters For Choosing SEO Reporting Tool

  • Accurate and Up -to -Date Regional Data
  • Integration With Other SEO Tools
  • Scalability
  • Key Feature Set
  • Feature Updates
  • Features To Customize Report
  • Features For White Labeling
  • Access to Support Resources
  • Features For Export Report
  • Automatic System
  • Ease of Use

Best SEO Reporting Tool

  • Agency Analytics
  • SE Ranking
  • SEMrush
  • Google Data Studio
  • Authority Labs

Those are some of my discussions about the best SEO Reporting Tools recommendations for SEO services or agencies. Hopefully this information is useful for those of you who manage websites, especially those who run a website SEO Agency.

Don't forget to follow my blog to get more updated information about the world of SEO and blogging. Thank you.

Harby Jay | Author

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