What is XML and its Functions You Need to Know

XML is a file type that is quite often encountered by bloggers and web developers. XML is a type of file that can help understand the basic structure of a document or certain web pages. 

At the beginning of its appearance, XML was often used as a format for exchanging data using an API. 

However, lately the existence of XML continues to decline. Some even thought that XML and HTML were the same. 

Therefore, in order to be clearer in understanding what XML is and its functions, we have summarized a more complete explanation below as a reference.

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What is XML?

XML is a markup language that can be created by the world wide web consortium. This extensible markup language is a language that can be used to simplify the process of storing and sending data between servers.

Storage and transmission of data between servers need to be simplified because each server has a different system. This makes data exchange between servers not necessarily compatible with each other and can take a lot of time. 

For that, you need XML to store data in a very simple text format. You no longer need to change the data format at all. Even the data format will remain the same even if transferred to another server. 

XML is very easy to update to a new OS form or browser. The language is also very easy to understand by humans, PCs and other speech recognition technologies. Technology will certainly make it easier for you. XML has a number of advantages.

The advantages of XML include: 

  1. XML is able to make documents can be transported across certain systems and applications, of course, practically and very easily. 
  2. XML can also be used to quickly exchange data between a wide variety of platforms. This benefit is most often felt by XML users.  
  3. XML can be used to separate data from HTML. This way, you don't have to bother separating them manually anymore. 
  4. XML can be used to simplify the process of changing a particular platform.

Difference between XML and HTML

Difference between XML and HTML

XML is a markup language used to store and transmit data. Meanwhile, HTML is a data viewer. 

So, the two are clearly different even though at first glance they look similar. In addition, XML can also use any tags and this does not apply to HTML. 

HTML requires special tags and predefined tags to function properly.

In addition, there are other parameters that are used to measure the difference between XML and HTML, such as the following. 

  1. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Meanwhile, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. 
  2. XML has a focus on data transfer. In contrast to HTML which only focuses on presenting data. 
  3. XML is always content driven whereas HTML is case intensive. 
  4. XML provides name space support while HTML does not. 
  5. XML tags cannot be predefined whereas HTML is predefined. 
  6. XML tags are extensible whereas HTML has limited tags. 
  7. XML is strict for the closing section tag while HTML is not strict. 

How to Edit and Open an XML File 

An XML file is a kind of data file in the form of text and wrapped in the XML file format.

This file can be opened and edited very easily. Even just using Android alone can.

How to Open an XML File

Opening an XML file can be easily done. You only need to take advantage of third-party applications that can be downloaded conveniently via the Google Play Store. 

One of the recommended applications is the X-Plore file manager. 

  • Once you have the application, you can immediately open it first. 
  • Find a file with an XML format or extension to open. Its location can be external or internal depending on where you place it. 
  • Tap the XML file and it will automatically open.
  • You have successfully opened the XML file very easily.  

How to Edit an XML File 

No less easy than opening an XML file, editing an XML file can also be done very practically. 

However, make sure you've opened the XML file first so you can edit it right away. 

  • Open the XML file first. 
  • To start editing it, you can select the option with the three dots in the upper right corner. 
  • Then, click the Edit Text option . 
  • When you have finished editing, you can select the three dots earlier. 
  • Finally, select Save to save the edits so they will not change again as before. 

XML File Function

XML File Function

XML has a very important role in many different IT systems. The existence of XML is certainly very useful for storing data as well as transporting it properly. 

In addition, there are actually several other functions of the XML file. For example as follows:

  1. An XML file is a markup language used to simplify data sharing. 
  2. XML is useful for simplifying data transport. 
  3. Used to simplify changes to a particular platform. 
  4. XML serves to simplify data availability to the maximum. 


It is undeniable, the use of XML files in a website programming is an important step that must be done.

In addition to accommodating the needs of the Google Web Crawler, there are many functions and benefits of an XML file to support the visibility and performance of a website.

Harbyj | Author

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